Software Chimps
Server Management

Professionals at Software Chimps map out essentials for the process of monitoring and maintaining servers to assure their peak performance persona. Our individuals have hands-on expertise in server management services where they utilise their service knowledge

IT Team Extension

We believe in collaboration as produces revolutionary leaders thus, we have our trained team of engineers who are casual to rolling up their sleeves when it comes to experimenting with new products and software

IT Audit and Consulting

We, at Software Chimps, make sure to analyse our tactics with our audit consultant who carries out our operational and financial audits alongside managing our internal review control and their consulting projects. Our consultants assist us in every step we take in our project(s) thus, we make sure to optimise our financial growth

IT Consulting

Skilled consultants who are analysts at Software Chimps know how to evaluate an entire IT system of a company thus, help out in meeting the business objectives. Their primary duties include analysing and diagnosing the company’s infrastructure and understanding a client’s needs